Gharieni Augmented Massage

Gharieni and Motion waves, a partnership taking wellness to the next level.

ISPA 2017, Las Vegas — Gharieni launches “Augmented Massage”, a collaboration with Jean-Marie Adrien (Motion Waves) to bring a new and completely untouched medium into the world of spa;  The motion-to-sound medium as an unfiltered expression of human energy. In-built sensors analyze the position and speed of the therapist’s movement in real time and transform it into sounds of deep relaxation. This technology uses the therapist’s natural instinct to playfor creating an outstanding mutual experience, involving both the client and the therapist in a fully new and unique relationship.

High-Tech and High Touch can help us to trigger all human senses in wellness treatments. Modern technology, always smartly combined with natural influences or traditional rituals, is the key for the future of high-class spas to set new boundaries for signature treatments. The steadily rising expectations of clients for extraordinary spa moments require extraordinary ideas and an open mind to use state-of-the-art technology.

Jean Marie Adrien, Motion Waves

After an illustrious career as a conductor and dancer where he explored and mastered the relation of movement to sound, Adrien launched a company devoted to making augmented spaces for the luxury retail industry with the help of hidden sensors in physical spaces to create interactive and immersive sound environments for experiencial and signage purposes.

It was a natural progression to bring this technology into the spa treatment room to have immersive and interactive sound therapy for both practitioner and client.  He partnered with Gharieni to offer this cutting edge technology by fully integrating the technology in the award winning MO1 treatment bed.

The Gharieni MO1 will enter the market early 2018.

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