3-Piece Original bodyCushion

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3-Piece Original bodyCushion optimizes your patient’s (client’s, athlete’s) prone position, providing anatomically designed, adjustable support for all body types.

Components can be completely separated to allow replacement of the Chest Support by the optional breastProtector Chest Support when needed.

Prone (Facedown)

In prone, the torso is elevated, supported principally on the clavicles, sternum, ribs and anterior superior iliac spines (ASIS). There is no supporting pressure on the breasts, abdomen, bladder, and male genitalia. The torso is unloaded; musculature released, and the spine is decompressed.

Unrestricted deep breathing is accommodated. Hemodynamics are enhanced; blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygenation improve. [The weight of the heart is not imposing on the lungs, the aorta is free of pressure, and breathing is unrestricted.]

The patient’s face rests comfortably in a soft crescent of vinyl-covered foam. The neck is unloaded in approximately 15 degrees flexion, easing muscle tension and compressive forces on vertebral junctures. Abundant airflow to the face is provided by a “Fresh Air” Face Support Base, and prone intubation is thus accommodated.

Electromyogram studies indicate marked reductions in muscle tension when subjects are positioned on the bodyCushion.


The 3-Piece Original bodyCushion can also be used as a seated positioner.


A Leg Support is not provided with the 3-Piece Original bodyCushion.

Upgrade to the 4-Piece Original bodyCushion to allow positioning for supine face-up and lateral recumbent side-lying.

Color: Slate Blue