Bentlon Platinum White

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The Bentlon Platinum makes a statement in the beauty market.This stable and high-quality chair offers unique ease of use. Full electric control by means of a foot control enables the professional beautician to easily set the chair in the right position with the least of effort. With just one push on the foot control all actuators can be activated to put the chair in the desired treatment position, to activate the patented step out-assist and to tune the position of the leg support.

Bentlon chairs can be fitted with relax vibration and chair heating. The chair heating is not only especially pleasant for the client, but is also energy saving because the temperature in the salon can be set a few degrees lower. This also creates for you as beauty specialist a considerably more comfortable working climate. Many other expansion options are available for your treatment chair, such as a paper roll holder, castors, a mountable mani-cure tray or the Lower Arm Support.

The new chair has a stylish and trendy design and its ergonomically shaped upholstery ensures that your client sits comfortably. This upholstery is made from high-grade imitation leather and is resistant to cleaning products without any solvents.

The unique electric step-in and step-out assist helps your clients get into and out of the chair without any trouble. This step-in and step-out assist lowers the chair, tilts the seat forward and turns the leg and foot section inwards. This follows and supports the client’s stepping in and out movement. Moreover, the chair has a solid build, which considerably increases the ability to hoist and lift.

3-Dimensional adjustable head support
Naturally, this multifunctional patented head support can be raised, brought down and tilted, but it also offers the option to adjust it backward or forward. This offers advantages when the client lies on the back or the stomach, because your client’s neck is stretched better for a treatment and your client is in a more relaxed position.

Massage head support
With certain treatments the use of the special C-curved massage head support is preferred. For treatments in prone position the head support gives complete support around the face, resulting in greater comfort during a longer treatment. The length and depth of the head support can also be adjusted.

Lower Arm Support
The media both at home and abroad has been full of the Lower Arm Support, a special support for pedicures that supports the lower arms during the treatment so that the load is taken off the shoulders and back and an improved working posture is assumed almost automatically.