bodyCushion for Pregnancy With bodyCushion Elevator

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The bodyCushion for Pregnancy With bodyCushion Elevator provides prone relief for late third term pregnancy without risk of stretching the uterine ligaments.

The Elevator provides increased torso elevation and hip flexion as well as depth required for the pregnant uterus, hammocked in the supple vinyl of the bodyCushion.

The bodyCushion and Elevator,serve the most demanding late-term pregnancy, giving restful relief for extended periods, even all day, and overnight, easing pressure, eliminating pain and optimizing hemodynamics.

Increased space for the pregnant uterus is provided by separating the bodyCushion Chest Support and Pelvic Support. ThebodyCushion Elevator does not require adjustment.

Face Crescent Cotton Covers are available in packages of 8.


  • Original bodyCushion, Slate Blue
  • bodyCushion Elevator, Black