Gharieni Libra Edge K

** Ex-works factory (EXW) price in US dollar. Does not include freight, duties & taxes.


Gharieni‘s new Libra treatment table cements the company‘s position as the trendsetting company in the Wellness and Spa arena. Cutting edge in design, this creates a new water experience for clients who are in a relaxed supine position on a heated treatment table that is fully adjustable in height and length. The integrated state of the art technology provides a unique choreography of varying water temperatures and pressure which is programmable in an interactive control panel. Depending on the client‘s needs, there are preset water choreographies for balancing, stimulating or relaxing effects.

Key features
  • 2 zone horizontal shower arm with Kohler® water technology
  • lying surface with air cushioning technology
  • base made of Corian®
  • shower arm cover in aluminium
  • intuitive touch screen control panel
  • electric adjustable and tiltable lying surface
  • facial water shield
  • handshower
  • 4 points integrated water drain for optimal water draining even on tilted table
  • international voltages available
Optional features
  • horizontal choreographic shower with Kohler® water technology (Each waterjet is individually controlable.)
  • lying surface with heatable water cushioning technology
  • LED lighting for chromotherapy
  • hand shower with aromatherapy capsule system
  • steam dome
  • integrated audio system