Gharieni PediSpa Compact

** Ex-works factory (EXW) price in US dollar. Does not include freight, duties & taxes.


A dual part base, the Compact seat moves laterally and the Corian base is affixed to the floor. Seat is white leather like upholstered and can be color customized. When moved forward, the seat will encase the foot basin, as shown. Backrest and footrest are fully height adjustable and movable. Headrest is detachable or can be inclined. An armrest tray is also available. Foot basin is equipped with expendable hand shower and integrated water outlets.

  • two-part base
  • the seat section can completely move backwards
  • foot basin made of high-quality Corian© and is affixed at the floor
  • when the seat is forward the foot basin is encased into the base and hidden
  • compact design
  • height-adjustable footrest
  • adjustable backrest
  • tiltable and/or detachable headrest
  • upholstered seat pad with artificial leather and is also available in various colours
  • foot basin is equipped with an extendable hand shower as well as an integrated water in- and outlet
  • special tray mount at the armrests
  • extendable footstep at the front, slip-resistant
  • international voltages available