Kurland SOFT-PACK® SYSTEM – Sense

** Ex-works factory (EXW) price in US dollar. Does not include freight, duties & taxes.

The Soft-Pack® System is used worldwide since more than 20 years and became the most successful treatment systems. This is an indication for high-quality and liability of well-proved technique. Real inventions and their further developments can only be had at the inventor, as there you can always get the latest technique and inventions. Plus, this makes it possible to produce in a larger scope – to your advantage: Haslauer quality at an unbeatable price. Trust in the liability of high quality and invest in the original Soft-
Pack® system by Haslauer.

The Soft-Pack® System “Sense” creates an elegant, modern atmosphere in your Spa Curved lines and
high-class material honored the “SENSE” cover. Accomplishment with the by colored and polished GfK surface.