Lemi Ayurveda V

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Ayurveda V


Lemi Ayurveda has been specifically designed for ayurvedic massage. To be matched with the Shirodhara pole. Provided with electric adjustable height by means of a practical foot pedal control, it helps the customer access and improves the comfort of the operator.

Ideal for:
Face treatments, hair removal, pressure therapy, facial cleansing treatments, scrubs, face and body masks, treatments with beauty equipment, all types of massages and body treatments, facial and body check-ups and body wraps.

COD: 868

■1 electric motor for height adjustment
■Adjustable headrest section
■Oil-resistant mattress
■Solid wooden base with finishes
■Maximum client / practitioner comfort

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 207 × 81 × 89 cm