Lemi Nettuno

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Lemi Nettuno

Nettuno is the “under the rain” bed specifically designed by LEMI to perform hydrotherapy spa treatments thanks to its seamless mattress, carefully selected to resist water action. The base is made of a waterproof material and has two columns electrically adjustable through a practical remote control that permits height, back, legs and tilting adjustment, allowing the operator to perform different treatments with maximum comfort for the customer.


cod. 849

■ 3 electric motors for height, backrest, legrest and tilting adjustment
■ Waterproof mattress with face hole
■ Integrated battery
■ AUT function: automatic return from any position to zero position (flat and minimum height)
■ END function: “End of treatment” position

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 197 × 74 × 70 cm