Lemi Versus 1M

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Versus 1M


Versus 1M it’s an innovative solution that’s designed to meet the needs of even the most advanced Spas and Wellness Centers. Versus 1M is a Spa table, specifically designed for “multirooms”. Elegant, refined, versatile and ergonomic.

Ideal for:
Face treatments, hair removal, pressure therapy, facial cleansing treatments, scrubs, face and body masks, treatments with beauty equipment, all types of massages and body treatments, facial and body check-ups and body wraps.

COD: 393

■ 1 electric motor for height adjustment and gas spring for backrest adjustment

■ An ideal solution for multi-room structures

■ 2 sections mattress with face hole.

Additional information

Weight 116 kg
Dimensions 202 × 74 × 90 cm