Water Werks Brass Monkey Vichy Shower with Cold Plunge

** Ex-works factory (EXW) price in US dollar. Does not include freight, duties & taxes.

The Vichy shower is one of the most intriguing and effective treatments available for today’s spa clientele. WATER WERKS Brass Monkey Vichy Shower System is one of the most innovative Vichy Showers to come along in years. Not only does the Brass Monkey provide a relaxing downpour on the body, it also has a “Cold-Plunge” built right into the system providing one of the most rejuvenating spa experiences available in the wet room.

Lying on a waterproof massage table, the Brass Monkey’s six shower heads rain down, providing a relaxing and therapeutic water massage. Then turn the “cold-plunge” knob for a truly invigorating experience. The built in hand shower makes thorough rinsing of spa products easy and convenient.

With features like six self-cleaning shower heads, the most accurate thermostatic mixing valve available, and a durable, stainless steel construction underneath the powder coating that is baked on at more than 400 degrees, the Brass Monkey will provide years of trouble free service with a timeless, elegant design.